Frequently Asked Questions...

General FAQs

RegistryLove is a smart free registry service that allows you to register anything from anywhere. RegistryLove supports local independent retailers, (even retailers with no online presence). We also give our couples the option of registering for honeymoon activities and adventures!

RegistryLove lets you create a registry that reflects You.

Step One: Sign up to RegistryLove.

Step Two: Whether you prefer to browse stores by foot or with your internet browser RegistryLove compliments your style of window shopping. If you find something you love simply send us the link(s)/photographs/item details and we'll add the gifts to your registry. Have any questions? Need some help? Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Don't worry, you'll have an on-call registry concierge to help you every step of the way!

Step Three: Send it out! Once your registry is complete you can send the link out to all your guests.

Step Four: Now for the best part, keep track as your friends and family make contributions to your registry. Answer your door exciting parcels, and watch as your donations come in for your honeymoon, cash, or travel fund!

Not a cent. For our couples and their guests RegistryLove is completely, absolutely FREE*.

*For honeymoon, travel and cash funds we charge a small processing fee of 5%.

We have affiliate arrangements with local, national, and wholesale vendors to receive commissions for product gifts, so that you and all of your guests can enjoy our service for free!

For honeymoon or ‘cash’ gifts, there is a 5% fee to cover our credit card processing free and overhead expenses.
Our partner stores handle all of the shipping for you. Since they do the shipping, they set the prices! Shipping fees are calculated on a per-product basis during checkout.

For Couples

Simple! Send us a link to the product or service and we'll add it to your registry. If the item isn't online, not a problem, just let us know the item + store details (photographs are great too) and we'll add it for you.

Great! Send us the link(s) and we'll sync all your registries (including honeymoon funds) into one easy to use registry. Love!

Yes, you can edit and make changes to your registry right up until your wedding day. Keep in mind that once an item has been purchased you cannot remove it. If you change your mind about a gift after it has been purchased send us an email and we'll discuss the best options for you.

When one of your guests has purchased an item on your registry, the gift will be flagged as 'purchased'!

Your guests are more than welcome to give us a call. Someone from our lovely RegistryLove team will talk them through your registry and help them find the perfect gift. We take calls day and night on +1 408 396 3725.

As the couple, you have two options:

Option One: The gifts are delivered to you.

Option Two: The gifts go to the guests.

Nothing wrong with behaving beautifully. RegistryLove tracks your guest's purchases and contact details, compiling this information into a single printable form which you can use to send out your thank you notes.

No problem! If one gift is purchased for you, but all you really want is another, you can choose to 'reject' it and apply the base price* of that item to the gift you really want to avoid pesky returns. To make this work, items will not be shipped to you until you and your fiancé have 'accepted' them. If you choose to 'reject' an item, and wish to convert your gift into cash instead of reapplying those funds to a different gift, there will be a 15% administration fee applied to each item you 'cash out'.

Once an item is 'accepted' and shipped, you can not choose to reapply it to another gift. At this point, you are subject to the individual retailer's return/exchange policy.

*base price does not include shipping and taxes

If you have ‘accepted’* a gift and still decide that you would like return it (or if you have opted out of the accept / reject function), returns will be handled through the retailer that shipped the gift. The amount returned / credited back from the original retailer is subject to that particular vendor's agreement with RegistryLove, and may not be the full purchase amount of the item as listed on RegistryLove.

*refers to the RegistryLove ‘accept / reject’ function, see above

Let your guests know by putting the gifts you want the most directly in front of them! Drag and drop your gifts to put them in order of importance. If they accidentally purchase you a less desirable gift don't worry! Just use the ‘accept/reject’ function to swap it out for what you really want.

If you already have an idea of what you would like, or where you would like to go, that’s great! Even if you don’t, your personal registry concierge is ready and waiting to help make custom images, descriptions, and prices for all of your honeymoon needs.

You can share your registry at any time (through facebook, twitter, or email), using the social media bar at the bottom your registry. Feel free to make changes as often as you like, even after your wedding date! There is also a place to share your registry on your gift tracking page. For help with sharing your registry with your guests (or with anything else at all), please email us

If you login to your account you can customize your registry by adding your wedding date, a picture, and story about how you met! You are able to ‘drag and drop’ the gifts into any order you like, and can update quantities of any gifts using the drop down quantity selector. If you click on the ‘my account’ button at the top right corner of your registry page, you can create a custom URL for your registry, add / change your shipping address, add links to products from external websites, and track your gift purchases in the 'Gift Tracker' area.

Login to your registry and click the ‘my account’ button (top right corner). At the bottom of the page, there is an area to add any link to any product! Alternatively you can email your personal registry concierge and they will be happy to add any gifts or make any changes that you may desire!

For Guests

Copy and paste the RegistryLove link sent to you by the couple into your address bar. Don't have it? Try putting the names of the engaged into the search field on our main page. Still can't find it? Email, phone or text us (+1 408 396 3725) and we'll direct you to the couple's registry.

It's really easy. Just click on the item you'd like to gift the couple and you'll be directed to a payment page. If you'd prefer not to pay online you're welcome to give us a call and we can put the transaction through for you. You can contact us anytime, day or night, on +1 408 396 3725. We'd love to hear from you.

Yes, totally safe. Your information is strictly private. RegistryLove will never store any of your information or share it with a third party.

Yes, completely. RegistryLove does not store or encrypt your credit card data. All of our online transactions are put through a secure third party server run by Stripe.

Yes, of course. After you've selected a gift we give you the option of including a personal message to accompany the item. Whether it's a sonnet, a song, or a short note wishing them well, with care we'll write it out by hand on some gorgeous stationary and we'll make sure the couple receive it along with your gift.